06 September 2012

Diaper Bag Pack List

We are movers and shakers and have a tough time for sitting still too long so we travel (not long-distances). Like I've said before I ALWAYS feel the need to be as prepared as possible for anything that may pop up. I have a few different pack lists for different events: daily, always in car, fully stocked diaper bag (Stays in the car most of the time, but I can bring it in places too.) and weekend. I have our fully stocked diaper bag in my car at all times, but a lot of times I don't carry it because I don't need to have it on me, just in close proximity.


*We really don't need very much because Greyton goes to day care. When I pick him up, we are headed home, or I have his fully stocked diaper bag in the car in case I need anything.

-Medela® Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On-the-Go Tote - It sounds crazy, but I work about an hour from home, so I pump every day on my way to and from work. Don't judge! You have to get it in when you can.
          -extra batteries
          -Medela Quick Clean Breastpump and Accessory Wipes
-L.L.Bean Softpack Cooler, Personal  - I put enough empty bottles to pump into. It also keeps his milk cold when I am on my way home with full bottles.
-Munchkin® Cool Wrap Bottle Bag - I put Grey's pre-filled bottles in this for him to have at daycare. I just leave the bag with full bottles and pick up the bag with empty bottles at the end of the day. (They even wash the bottles for me, which is great!)

Always in the car:

*His fully stocked diaper bag is in the car or with me at all times, but I always keep one things in my car at all times.

-diaper wipes! - They have so many uses.

Fully stocked diaper bag:

*With me or in the car at all times. We tend to decide last minute to go to the lake or something for the weekend and I don't want to worry about forgetting anything or having to pack everything at one time, which is another reason I keep the fully stocked diaper bag in the car at all times.

-L.L.Bean Carryall Tote Bag - great bag with a ton of pockets!
-hand sanitizer - travel size & attached to the zipper
-baby medications - prescriptions, baby Tylenol, teething gel, benadryl, gas drops, thermometer, vaseline, neosporin, first aid kit & thermometer
-plastic bags - for dirty diapers
-bibs (3)
-extra bottle - bottle does not stay in the bag at all times. I bring a bottle for him incase he gets hungry while we are out.
-burp cloths (2)
-onesies (3) - in case of an accident
-changing pad
-diapers - 1 for every hour you are out. I always keep about 5 in there so I don't have to re-stock it or grab diapers every time we leave.
-diaper rash cream
-dreft pen
-lovie - a very small blanket with silky edges
-hair brush
-nursing pads
-nipple butter (for breast feeding)
-pacifiers (3) - in pacifier pocket
-pacifier wipes
-nasal aspirator
-Kids II® Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes - Grey LOVES this
-mom bag - (tiny cosmetic bag) chapstick, mints, ony tail holders, wisps, bobby pins, lotion, snack & waller)

Weekend Trips

*My fully stocked diaper bag is in the car already.

-bottles - some filled, some empty
-extra blankets - 1 thin, 1 thick
-Fisher-Price Newborn Rock 'n Play Sleeper - We don't feel comfortable with Grey sleeping with us so we use this. It's perfect for him to sleep in and even folds up nicely.
-diapers - in addition to the ones in his diaper bag
-sleepers (2)
-onesies - if I think he'll need more than the 3 already in his bag
-Baby Carrier Original - We have discovered that it is easier for us to use this, then have to carry him everywhere or pull the stroller in and out of the car.

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