30 August 2012

Packing for the Hospital... (Back Tracking a Little Bit)

I am one of those women that MUST be prepared (or feel prepared at all times). Don't get me wrong, I like surprises, but I like making sure that I always have everything I need. You never know when you'll get cold, have an upset stomach, etc....

So when it was time to pack for our hospital trip to give birth to Greyton, you better bet that I googled, researched & asked my doctor to tell me EVERYTHING that I may need at the hospital. Through my Googling (I Google EVERYTHING!) I determined that I needed to pack everything in my house, including the kitchen sink! My sister, who is a nurse in labor and delivery, told me I didn't need to bring anything for the baby but his going home outfit. For me I needed toiletries, pajamas, a robe, slippers, a hair dryer & make-up. Well, that's a lot less than what all might Google said, so I asked my doctor. My doctor said exactly what my sister said.... So that's what I did. Of course I included a few extras, just in case.

Here's my packing list for the hospital...

1. robe: I thought I would need this to cover up some in case I had to walk the halls or anything. Greyton was as healthy as an ox, so I never even used my robe.

2. toiletries: a MUST! The first thing I wanted to do, when I was able to of course, was shower. I wanted the best shower possible while in a hospital shower, so I brought ALL of my toiletries, including serums, face & body lotions. *I felt like a new woman after my shower!

3. toothbrush & toothpaste: self explanatory

4. make-up, pony tail holders, hair dryer, brush: (I wish I would have brought my straightener or curling iron.) A lot of visitors were in and out of our room, so I wanted to look at least halfway decent for all of the photos that I knew would be taken.

5. going home outfit for me: I just brought a comfy cotton dress. I wanted to be comfortable, not wear anything too restricting and look halfway decent.

6. slippers: Much like the robe, I didn't walk the halls while at the hospital, so I didn't use my slippers at all. I just wore flip flops once I had cleaned up.

7. going home outfit for baby

Other random must haves: camera, video camera, chargers.

That was the extent to what I packed/needed at the hospital.

A list of things I didn't need and a short why:

pillow from home: I didn't want hospital germs on my pillow!
boppy: again plenty of pillows at the hospital
baby needs: nothing... you are in a hospital that cares for babies every day. I promise they have everything you need.

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