11 September 2012

Baby Shower Gift Idea

We had a small baby boom amongst our friends (us included) not too long ago, and another friend of ours has a baby on the way. I am by no means an expert on babies, what they need, what's best for them, or the best way to care for them, however, I have discovered a few things that have really helped us out these past three months. *Greyton was 3 months old yesterday!

For our friend who has a baby on the way, I was thinking about making them a gift bag with some of my favorite baby items. For each item I'll add a little note with whose favorite thing it was (ie. mommy, daddy or baby) and why we loved it. I'll pack all of the items in an L.L.Bean tote with baby's name on it.

I'll take a photo of the finished gift once I get everything together.

Here is my list...

Anything else you think I should add? What was your favorite baby item?

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