08 August 2012

Keeping Track of Baby

One A few of the things I was a little nervous about when I found out we were having a baby was... What if I forget to feed him? Do I really need to keep track of how many times he pooped? How do I know if his poop is the right color? Has he slept enough?... The list could go on & on.

I thought keeping track of his feedings & 'diaper usage' were only things that over protective moms did. Boy was I wrong... baby's feedings & 'diaper usage' tell parents a lot about their babies health. I received an itzbeen Pocket Nanny as a baby gift, but I took it back. I can simply just write things down. I did not think I would really need an itzbeen to tell me my baby is hungry. Fortunately, before baby arrived I found the Similac® Baby Journal app. It works perfectly for us & comes with an added bonus, it's FREE! Greyton is strictly a breastfed baby via bottle (For all of the exclusively breast fed moms, I have incredible amounts of respect for you! Breastfeeding was great at first, then got harder & harder. I could not get past the pain.), so this app helps me keep track of how much I am pumping daily.

Don't let the name fool you. The app allows you to keep track of your breast feeding & pumping as well. The app features all of these helpful tools:

  • Feeding Trends - See feeding duration graphs and important stats, such as average time between feedings, average amounts consumed, average duration, and total bottles.
  • Feeding Journals - Whether you breastfeed or bottle feed, the Baby Journal app makes it easy to track the details. Plus, it can link you to feeding tips and connect you to a live Feeding Expert.
  • Record the Length of Each Nap - Predict the next nap time and duration, and see at a glance when your baby starts sleeping longer at night.
  • Record Diaper Details - Track your baby's diapers for stool color and consistency. Use the mobile version of the Diaper Decoder to be sure everything is OK, or if your doctor should be notified.
  • Track Key Developmental Indicators - Keep track of important physical characteristics such as weight, length, and head circumference.
NOTE: All of the app information was taken directly from Similac's website.
If you do not think the app is for you, check out stylebabyLOG. I just stumbled upon this log a few days ago & it appears to be perfect to keep track of  baby. This helps you keep track of baby by writing everything down in a spiral notebook. Very stylish, might I add!

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