27 September 2011

NCIDQ & Design Renderings

Hello Bloggers!

So... I am taking the NCIDQ in about 2 days! I'm a little nervous and a lot ready to get it over with. I don't remember ever being this nervous about a test in college. I am hoping and praying that I do well on it! I want this test to be a one time deal. For a little insight... the test is three sections. The past rate on the first section is 70%, 80% for the second section, and a whopping 59% for the third section! Yikes! Keep me and everyone else taking / re-taking the test in your prayers so we will all pass!

On a second note... check out these wonderful renderings by Candice Olson. I love her rendering style!

Images via Design Spark
You can tell her renderings and sketches are hand drawn (which number one takes a lot of skill) and her use of markers is just fantastic!  

This sketch In Patina Style that I just discovered on Laura Casey Interiors blog is a close rival to Candice Olson's sketches...

antiques and furniture Patina Style

I know it is not necessarily rendered, but this sketch is just gorgeous!

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