13 June 2011

Meeting Bobby Bowden

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! We had a great weekend of hanging out with friends, grilling out, and playing cornhole. (Note to self: post photos of the cornhole boards My husband and I made. They are awesome!)
On Sunday I had to drag my husband out of bed to get up and get ready for church (forgetting that Coach Bowden was going to be our speaker that morning). It was a great service! Now my husband has vowed to not complain out waking up early because he is afraid he'll miss another great opportunity!
Here is a photo below of Coach Bowden signing his book Called to Coach. You can purchase a copy of his book on Amazon. We purchased one of his books for my husband, my dad, & my cousin. (I'm a little excited to read my husband's copy!) Please excuse the quality of the photo. It was taken on a camera phone.
Side note: I absolutely love football coaches! I cheered from the time I was in middle school, up until my second year in college. Coaches can be show some tough love to their players, but are always very appreciative of us 'cheering on their boys'. I was reminded of this fact when we were introduced... Coach Bowden looks at my husband, gives him a firm handshake and says 'Nice to meet you son.' Then looks at me and say 'Hey Girlie, so nice to meet you sweetheart!'
Hope you have a great week!

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