06 May 2011

Design Inspirations

We just purchased a new home in December of this past year. It's a work in progress to say the least! We re-finished our over 50 year old floors, painted all of the rooms, and are purchasing items to furnish our home. I've been told that this is a never ending process... I have found several inspirations for our home that I love...

Some favorite bedroom design inspirations that I found this week....

House Beautiful

I love that the main (large & expensive) items in the room are very neutral, classic & timeless. Add a splash of color and voila! You can change out the accessories in this room depending what the color you like at the time.

Elle Decor
Something about this room makes me fall in love with it over and over again! I'm a sucker for monograms and love the pillow shams! I'll have to purchase some from Leontine Linens.

I love the cleanliness and simplicity in these two rooms. (The top one may be perfect for our guest bedroom!)

This is a really great bedroom for a child. I really like the colors that were incorporated into this room!

The rich navy of the walls, the masculinity of the over-sized armoire, and the beautiful dark wood floors look great together! Brighten the room with a crisp, clean white duvet and floral throw pillows and you have the perfect balance of femininity and masculinity.

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