28 December 2011

Baby Byrd & Flights of Fancy Blog Posting on Our Wedding

Hello Bloggers! I know I keep saying I will get better at blogging regularly, however, it is just not happening for me! A few posting here and there will have to do until I can get my act together.

Update of the day is Ben and I are expecting a little baby boy! I am really late in posting this BIG news! We are about 16 1/2 weeks along and both so excited! Sometimes I feel like our pregnancy is going by so slowly but in all reality, I feel like we just found out yesterday! Time is flying by! Right now little Baby Byrd is the size of an avocado.
On a second note... I forgot to let everyone know Flights of Fancy did a blog posting of our wedding! Click on the link below the photo to view the posting.
Flights of Fancy Blog Posting (photo by Amanda Suanne)
(I really need to get my blogging together! We got married at the beginning of April & this posting was done in September!)

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