04 May 2011

Things I Love...

I love all things pretty! Therefore, I LOVE a lot of things! Some of my most loved items are:

I LOVE a great pair of pearl earrings! The first Christmas gift that my husband gave me was a beautiful pair of pearl earrings! They match anything and everything and are always classic and timeless! ( Jcrew has a great pair!)

I also have a slight obsession with silver platters... and all things that shine! (The main reason I love mint juleps is because they are served in silver cups.)

Silver platters are one of the loves of my life because they last many lifetimes! I absulutely LOVE things that can be passed down from generation to generation (I told you I'm from the South...).

Following along on the all things I love...

Monograms fall right in line with pearls and silver servers. ( Leontine Linens in New Orleans is the BEST!)

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