18 May 2011

Design Inspirations

I absolutely love our new home! However, our kitchen is a bit ho-hum. All of our guests seem to gather in the kitchen, so why not make it one of the most fantastic rooms in the house! I would love to remodel our kitchen and here are some design inspirations that I found at Coastal Living.

Create Your Own Kitchen Island
Coastal Living

This may be one of my favorites! I am a sucker for white marble. I think it is classic, timeless and just beautiful!

The nickel faucet gives the kitchen a graceful style.
Coastal Living
LOVE! Very European and unique at the same time! I love using pieces in a room that you wouldn't necessarily see in the space, but they work perfectly!

A farm table completes this kitchen.
Coastal Living
Most people don't care for a white kitchen. However this kitchen is very warm and welcoming! The white main-stays serve as a blank canvas for you to dress up, without having to remodel the entire kitchen when you want something new.

Red cabinets makes this kitchen pop.
Coastal Living
This kitchen is all about WOW!! I know I would get tired of the lacquered red cabinets, but they are absolutely wonderful!! The over eclectic design of this kitchen is amazing. Who would have ever thought to use distressed wood floors, a farmhouse table, lacquered red cabinets and a gold chandelier all in the same kitchen! MARVELOUS!!

Pattern Panache Kitchen
Coastal Living
This kitchen is very simple, yet elegant.The neutral back ground allows you to change the loo and feel of your kitchen daily if you would like!

Black and White
Coastal Living
I love the dark wood floors in this kitchen! I also really like the contrasting cabinets, using black for the lower cabinets and white for the uppers. Who says brown and black do not match... I'm also a sucks for bamboo roman shades. They always add texture, warmth and casually dress up windows. This kitchen has to be my absolute favorite!

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