19 May 2011

Beach Trip

My husband and I are hopefully headed to the beach soon a much needed vacation! Side note: I have a slight obsession with packing for trips... I have to make sure that we have everything we need. It is always better to be over prepared than under prepared! We have our typical pack list, but we have also learned a few tricks along the way!

For starters, we went to Asheville, NC for a weekend (The weekend we got engaged!) We arrived in Ashville and after the long drive from Birmingham and decided we wanted a cocktail. (Come to find out I think my engagement ring was burning a hole in my husband's pocket and he needed to relax a little.) However, everything was closed. Ever since then, we have packed 'the cooler' for road trips. We include all of the ingredients to make a cocktail of our choice, snacks, and a wine opener (just in case). I found the perfect cooler for us at LL Bean.

This cooler comes in three different sizes, family, picnic and personal.

Don't leave for vacation without it #2.The resort we went to for a honeymoon was all-inclusive. Which in turn means, 'Senorita, would you like another drink?' every time your drink gets slightly low. It is wonderful! The only downfall to being on the beach sipping a cocktail is your ice begins to melt and you can not finish half of your drink. A wonderful couple we met on the beach one day introduced us to a brand new use for an insulated water bottle. Pour your drink in and it stays cold and fresh until the very last sip!

Trudeau Cool Off Hydration Bottle

This is when the Trudeau Cool Off Hydration Bottle comes in handy. It even has a straw that pops up when you slid the lid open! Add your favorite cocktail or a cool glass of ice water and you are ready to go!

A good beach chair is always a must as well! My husband hates to 'drag' it down to the beach. However, we all know that you cannot read laying on a beach towel without straining your neck. It's just not going to happen. Here comes another LL Bean favorite!

This beach chair is fantastic! It's very sturdy and allows you to stretch out your leg and relax at the water's edge, while keeping you out of the sometimes cold water.

Additional never leave for vacation withouts:
Ziploc bags are always a must for the beach! One large Ziploc holds all of your sunscreen, while protecting your beach bag from spills! Another protects your cell phone, camera, credit cards, and id.

One trick I learned from my mom was to bring garbage bags! Throw your dirty clothes, wet swim suits and towels in there to keep them away from your clean clothes!

Also always be prepared by bringing all of the medications that you 'may' need. Nobody wants a horrible headache or upset stomach while on vacation. Bring medications with you so you to have to make a quick dash to the store when you do not feel well. Minimus.biz has single dose OTC medications for a lot less expensive than the nearest convenience store. They also have a huge variety of other travel sized needs.

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